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Order processing

Order fulfilment is a long and complex process, comprising all the activities between the receipt of an order and its dispatch. The four main objectives to be achieved for efficient order fulfilment are:
- Reduce picking errors to zero.
- Optimize operators’ routes by reducing their travel time.
- Decrease the number and timing of operations.
- Maintain a balanced stock rotation, for example, by using fifo/fefo or lifo/lefo stock management methods.
Over the years, Villa & Riva has implemented and acquired procedures, tools and experienced personnel to offer maximum reliability, precision, speed and quality at every stage of preparing an order.

Order management

  • Order taking and just-in-time management.
  • Planning of picking operations by means of hardware devices (stock management and serial numbers with FIFO/FEFO and LIFO/LEFO, optimization of picking of higher rotation items, preparation of picking lists, study of operator routes, picking of goods, control and preparation of order for dispatch)
  • Cataloguing, organizing and eventual sorting of products at the packaging stations
  • Packing (kit and display set-up, customization of packaging by product type, quality control, package wight and volume check, labelling for shipment with order reference number, shipping address and code for shipment tracking)
  • Monitored and up-to-date security and control procedures for the highest order handling accuracy.

Special packaging

  • Creating approved and compliant packaging for the proper shipment of dangerous and non-dangerous goods
  • Supply and printing of standardized labels for the transport for which the goods are intended, including hazard labels in the formats prescribed by technical standards annexed to the Regulations for the Transport of Dangerous Goods, impacts indicators and tipping indicators for monitoring and controlling during shipment
  • Preparation of the documentation and declarations necessary for the transport for which the goods are intended, based on the applicable regulations.
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