Customer service

Pre- and after-sales service

The advent of the world wide web and social media has radically changed the Customer Care, shifting the focus of the sales process from the product to the CUSTOMER, who has become the undisputed protagonist of the act of buying and selling, personally sanctioning its success or failure.
Customer Service at Villa & Riva offers multi-lingual pre/post sales assistance, to provide buyers with answers, suggestions and solutions according to protocols defined with the customer, such as: shipment status (release of stock, redeliveries or change of destination address of goods), assistance to recipients in dealing with the courier, problems of various kinds (complaints and answers to general questions), and finally management of returns (courier booking, quality control of returned goods, reconditioning and/or disposal).

Services, in detail

  • Virtual Help Desk offers constant pre-and post-sales support. This kind of assistance can answer, identify and solve problems and is the core the service for the consumer. The information protocol of the service is always agreed and shared with the customer 
  • Telephone assistance is the ‘big classic’, but not less important, for that: effectiveness, quality and speed in responding to consumer needs are the focal points of the service
  • Ticketing management covers all support request through email, chat, site form of instant message. It requires expertise in routing to the responsible company departments
  • Booking office offers customer support in checking the status of shipments, assistance in dealing with courier and handling returns. 

Customer service benefits at Villa & Riva

  • Companies can concertante fully on their business, without losing the opportunity to give customers the right importance, crate a relationship of trust with them, build their loyalty and make them feel that they are always listened to, so that they can perceive the added value of the product/service they are offered
  • Companies have a single point of contact for any needs during the pre- and post- sales phases. Villa & Riva is in fact able to guarantee not only the customer service aspect, but also to organize logistics and transport of goods, manage any returns and reconditioning, all in one location
  • Villa & Riva, with its multilingual in- house staff, can offer support in the internationalization process for companies starting to explore new markets. 
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