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Logistics for e-commerce

Having an e-commerce offers enormous advantages to companies producing goods and services: it allows them to reach many buyers, breaks down geographical barriers, has lower running costs and faster transaction times. On the other hand, e-commerce requires special care and attention in terms of customer support and the quality/ quickness of the service offered. In fact, the online sales market is becoming more difficult and competitive every day, and the producer of a good is not always able to manage the logistical processes adequately. Villa & Riva provides its customers with a secure and reliable e-commerce service so that all companies, even the smallest, can show strength and competitive in the on-line market.

Service in brief

  • Pick & ship (collection of goods and delivery to a different address), pick & pack (collection and packaging using established methods to ensure the integrity of the goods during transport), pick &so rt (mass collection of the highest- volume items and subsequent allocation by order)
  • Accurate and customized packaging preparation (inserting tickets, leaflet, giveaways, etc.), also with customized customer boxes and packaging. Labelling, application of stickers and/or fragrances
  • Checking od products picked according to standard procedures developed in-house to ensure order accuracy >99.9%
  • Grouping multiple orders on a customer basis
  • Stock management (FIFO/FEFO, LIFO/LEFO), quarantines and expired products
  • Returns management (collection organization, quality control, reconditioning and/or disposal according to customer procedures)
  • Insured and cash-on-delivery shipments
  • Mail tracking with unique customer references


Our flexible and scalable E-LOGISTIC department has dedicated storage areas, procedures, personnel and software
We manage non-perishable goods for third parties on a daily basis and, thanks to our warehouse management system, we are able to interface with the best-know e-commerce on the market such as Magento, Shopify and Sales Force.
Our team of IT technicians accompanies the customer’s needs in every aspect, and a quickly handle any request or customization of the service.
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