Quality and safety

Logistical sustainability

In recent years, Villa & Riva has started to implement practices and processes aimed at improving the sustainability of business activities related to the supply chain, from raw material procurement to returns management. Aiming to reduce the negative environmental, economic and social externalities linked to its activities, Villa & Riva has turned its attention to a model of circular industrial economy, setting as its primary objective the offer of service aimed at enhancing the quality and durability of its products. Villa & Riva, aware of the important contribution that the logistics sector can offer to the “value chain” of a product, has invested in the expansion of its offer, in the quality of its service and in the improvement of its operational flows, with numerous economic, social and environmental advantages or its customers.
Villa & Riva plus

The conscious process

  • Measurement of key parameters, i.e., analysis of the impact of the different processes involved in the procurement, production and distribution cycles
  • Definition of objectives, associating with each one a degree of difficulty, understood as the effort required to achieve the desired results – also in relation to available resources – and a level ùof urgency – in relation to corporate strategies
  • Identification of priorities, through the combined analysis of degreed of impact, difficulty and urgency
  • Planning the initiatives, interventions and resources needed to achieve the – desired results
  • Evaluation of results by analyzing areas of success, possible defects and errors, and planning od corrective actions.

The logistical contribution

  • Offering a wide range of services entirely conceived, designed and implemented in-house, significantly reduction the environmental and economic impacts associated with the movement of goods. Objective: short supply chain, close and responsible to the territory
  • Reverse-logistic, i.e., offering services to encourage the re-use and re-introduction of returned products on the market, enhancing their quality and lifecycle
  • Launch of the ‘green-box’ project, aimed at minimizing the use of cardboard boxes during the various supply chain processes. In addition, use of packaging commensurate with the size of the goods, use of packaging made of recycled/biodegradable/renewable materials
  • Optimization of freight routes, bundling of transports and synergetic collaboration to avoid empty trips.

Quality in Villa & Riva

In order to be able to satisfy its customers in the best possible way, providing them with an excellent service and offering solutions for any need, Villa &Riva sets itself new objectives every year, which aim to make the company grow especially from a qualitative point of view. In fact, Villa & Riva pays great attention to Quality and to the respect of the Standards of Good Manufacturing, as relevant aspects for the supply of its services, and, in order to operate in compliance with the requirements expressed in the ISO 9001:2015 and 22716:2007 STANDARDS, it constantly monitors and updates its systems, with the aim of guaranteeing the constant satisfaction of the parties involved. To this end Villa & Riva has defined and instituted procedures, operating instructions, forms and labels that regulate and allow for the monitoring of all the phases of the different processes of each company sector.

Management systems

The policy governing management systems is based on the following guiding principles:
  • Assessment and management of risks related to business processes
  • Guarantee of customer satisfaction
  • Continues improvement of business processes, especially in terms of quality, though, measurement and monitoring systems
  • Constant staff training to ensure a safe, efficient and up-to-date professional approach 
  • Continuous improvement of product handling methods 
  • Periodic policy review through the implementation and maintenance of management systems in accordance with international standards ISO 9001:2015 and 22716:2007.
The planning of these objectives is implemented by means of appropriate planning and review documentation of the annual objectives. Villa & Riva is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 22716:2007 certified.
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